Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Minorities Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Minorities - Case Study Example Let us remember however our families. Have already considering the reaction of the parents of a little boy who rather prefers play with dolls than videos games' However the same parents will not see anything scandalous if their daughter prefers the videos game than the same doll. If a boy want to be popular in he school he have to pratice a ''real male sport'' like soccer ,basket-ball football,hockey. When we talk about sexism often we are talking about discrimination against females . This vision is however erroneous because the only fact of thinking that a sexual kind is higher than other is already sexism. "Sexism is the discrimination based one gender, especially discrimination against women. It's also the attitudes, conditions, social gold behaviors that promote stereotyping of roles based one gender" (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/sexism) Sexism is a form of discrimination which rests on the axiologic distinction several sexual kinds, it defines the hierarchical relationship between the two sexual kinds. It is form of a social, moral, political categorization and chocolate 'clairs which impose form of behavior. The word sexism thus covers also discriminations which apply to the men; as the kinds are defined one compared to the other, there is no sexism which is not at the same time applicable to the two sexes. But insofar as the sexism results most of the time in inequalities with the detriment of the women, it became current to indicate by this word the differences and inequalities undergone by the women. The discrimination based on the sex is illegal in many countries, but it do not have any less present. Let's talk about the most obvious discrimination ,against women. It starts sometimes even before birth and continues during the childhood. In some countries , contraception and the modern techniques of abortion are employed to privilege the birth of boys to the detriment of the girls, so that start to create disbalances in the population. Many stereotypes concerning the education of the young girls remained the same ones during the last decades and evolved. More than half of the girls of more than 11 years dedicate at least an hour to it, whereas only 30% of the boys take part in it, and only less than one half an hour. The electronic game are more offered to boys, which tends to inculcate a certain reserve among women who they will become in front of the techniques. In the everyday life, this disparity continues to exist. In the family and domestic world.,it was shown that the women are largely victims of the "double day". On average, they pass a much greater number of weekly hours than the men in family and domestic work. The tendency of the last decade seems to have worsened with unemployment and precariousness. In the professional field the situation is even

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