Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Communication with Families Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Communication with Families - Essay Example Working parents, especially fathers, or those who live at distant locations are â€Å"less involved† in their children’s education â€Å"unless the school organizes opportunities†¦in various times and in various places† (Epstein, 2001, p. 407). C. The teacher said that the document contained some information that came â€Å"directly from our state education office†. This technical information was less likely to be understood by less educated parents. Secondly, the teacher said that the â€Å"web site will also allow us to communicate by e-mail†, but he did not consider the fact that many parents would not be having any computers at home or e-mail addresses through which they could communicate with school authorities. D. The information that came directly from the state education office would have affected less educated parents since they might not have understood such formal phrases. Secondly, those parents who did not know how to use internet or did not have computers at home got no help in getting to know how to use the website. Mendoza (2003) asserts that â€Å"when professionals use technical terms and jargon without sufficient explanation, parents may not understand key information about their children†. E. The teacher could have shown greater sensitivity to the parents by explaining the instructions of state education office in easier words so that every parent could have understood it. Mendoza (2003) states that the difficult reading level of the written materials makes them â€Å"potentially inaccessible to parents with lower literacy skills or to second-language English speakers†. Secondly, the teacher should have considered how those parents were going to communicate who did not have computers at their homes. F. A parent plays a vital role in his child’s education. He has to stay well informed about his timetable. He

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