Friday, September 27, 2019

IT601-0903B-07 Information Technology in Business Management - Phase 3 Essay

IT601-0903B-07 Information Technology in Business Management - Phase 3 Discussion Board - Essay Example For the wholesale customers, it would be most beneficial to use the extranet to help improve the relations. FYC can provide complete access of the extranet to the customers and allow for online account management and allow for updating the requirements online. The customers should also be provided with details of the inventory levels and the company requires implementing a system where if the level of inventory falls below the safety level, automatic orders are placed with FYC (Kennedy & Dysart, 2007). The company should also allow each store to log into the system and share their details of the existing stocks, the trend of sales, exchange documents and make comments. This can be referred to as a ‘Store Extranet’. Numerous companies usually utilise the intranet however they do not make complete utilisation of the intranet and this is mainly due to the reason that it does not work in sync with the objectives of the company (Kennedy & Dysart, 2007). The company can utilise the extranet and intranet for various purposes which include: b) Production Teams: The utilisation of high levels of Information technology will allow the production teams to be easily connected to the suppliers. This will help the company reduce the inventory carrying costs and the intranet will also permit the communication to be much quicker to the other teams like the sales, especially for the sales forecasts. c) Sourcing and Supply Chain Departments: The Extranet will permit higher volumes of data to be communicated regarding the raw materials requirements direct to the suppliers. This will help improving the procurement process. Also the extranet allows for better communication plans to the suppliers and also timely deliveries of all supplies. d) Human Resources Team / Finance Departments: The HR teams for each store need to be linked with Thomas. The intranet will allow for centralised recruitment and training and will act as a measure for the human resources teams. This

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