Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Ultrasonography in Breast Cancer Research Paper - 1

Ultrasonography in Breast Cancer - Research Paper Example ult, the clinically breast lesions suspected in women who are 30 years of age or younger than that, and evaluation of the abnormalities that are seen on mammograms1. This shows that the ultrasonography is a step taken later than the mammography as it evaluates the results on the mammograms and images them. In fact, the imagers of breast cancers also believe that ultrasonography is used as the primary modality to evaluate the palpable masses seen in women older than 30 years of age and mammography, also, is an adjunctive technique. Since ultrasonography is primarily used as the evaluating step, it also helps in the guidance of biopsies, surgeries and other therapeutic procedures. The evaluating role of ultrasonography has started being used in the treatment and guidelines of breast cancer, but the research on its role in cancer screening is still not confirmed, but studies have shown several aspects to the issue. The role of ultrasonography has developed and matured over time, otherwise initially it was considered as a method which was comparatively cheaper and effective in identifying the cystic breast masses and differentiating them from the solid masses. As the research study advanced, it was established that ultrasonography is not only a method to differentiate, rather it also was useful in providing valuable information and evaluation of the nature of the solid masses and other breast lesions along with the extent to which they are present. This meant that it was an effective and an important technique in evaluating, analyzing and treating the breast cancer2. The technique of ultrasonography does not involve exposing the cancer patient to the ionizing radiation, which, according to the studies, is a factor which is more important for pregnant and young patients. For ultrasonography, the medical studies say that the patients cannot be exposed to radiation because their breasts are sensitive for radiation. This means that comparing mammography with

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