Monday, September 9, 2019

Evaluation of a Weight-Loss Plan or Program Assignment

Evaluation of a Weight-Loss Plan or Program - Assignment Example SENSA is a product that you sprinkle on your food prior to eating. It works on the concept of smell, triggering the brain that you have had enough and making a person want to eat less. It is advertised as containing no stimulates or diuretics. It is made up of only FDA approved ingredients and is said to keep the food cravings and the feeling of hunger away ( One of the concepts is to make bland food taste better making it more appealing for people to eat ( This is supposed to cause people to eat healthier because SENSA makes the food taste better. The research done on this product, through clinical trials, shows that SENSA users average 30 pounds of weight loss as compared to control groups who only lost two pounds over six months ( However, there is some question about the credibility of the study that was conducted. Other researchers question how the participates were selected and the range of weight that was actually lost by the participants (Woolston, 2011). Another concern, stated by Alan Hirsch, MD, the director of the SENSA study, is that the amount of food that the participants ate was not tracked ( The program is flexible in that the product can be put on any food that a person wants to eat. It is easily transported, so it can easily fit into the most active person’s lifestyle. It is simple to use in that anyone can sprinkle the product on their food no matter if they are eating at home, at a party, at a business function or at a restaurant. The product itself does not provide variety, but the user can eat any food they want, thus getting all the variety they desire. A downfall to SENSA is that there is not a plan for maintenance after the initial weight los. In fact, no where on the SENSA website promoting their product is maintenance mentioned. Their focus is simply on losing weight, not

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