Saturday, October 5, 2019

Information and Librarians in the Digitial Age Personal Statement

Information and Librarians in the Digitial Age - Personal Statement Example I have always had faith in myself and in God to do what is best for me throughout my life. I had worked for the library during my high school and college years, starting as a page. My interest in libraries began here that while I was shelving books and skimming through the pages, I discovered the love for books and reading. My longevity with one organization has taught me to work as a team player, to communicate constructively, exhibit flexibility, handle problems and show commitment. Some strength I possess is that I am an energetic, highly motivated person which I think can make me survive the rigors of graduate work. I am a self-starter, who is able to take on new challenges. In order to achieve common goals, I am able to work well with others. My short-term goal is providing the best care for my son, Nasir. My family is very supportive of my going to graduate school, especially since I will be the first female from either side to attain a master's degree. My long-term dream has been to pursue a Master's degree in the Library field. My goal has been to learn a lot from my supervisors and co-workers on how libraries work throughout the years. I have always felt I would be a good leader and teacher. I have worked in the library field for eights years. I have loved libraries since I was a little girl, always looking up information. This love continued in college, where I worked as a page at DeKalb County Public Library, Decatur, Georgia. I wanted to be around books as much as possible. I enjoy library work because I have access to all the information in the world at my fingertips, in both print and electronic form. I learn something new every day, and Iinteract with people of all ages and from all walks of life. I use my interviewing and teaching skills, and I have learned indispensable computer skills as a bonus. Librarianship has been a good fit for me. What I like best about being a librarian is helping people use the library resources. I try to be outgoing by establishing eye contact with patrons and asking them if they need assistance. There is so much to teach the public about libraries, and there are so many resources available. From finding a book on the shelf to using the Internet, people need help, but they often don't ask for it. The librarian has to be outgoing. As I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems, I discovered that working in a library is a lot of fun. My job gives me an opportunity to use my information seeking skills as well as to indulge my web publishing and instruction interests. I feel now is the right time to pursue my degree. I want to develop my educational background and continue working in the library field. In order to move ahead in my career, I would need to obtain a degree to reflect my skill in working in this field. If in order, the program at UNT will provide me with the comprehension I need to become a librarian. If admitted into the UNT program, I would like to pursue administration. The librarian of today is not like the librarian of yesterday due to the impact of technology that has transformed the profession. Where before there were just printed materials in the library, now information highways through the use largely of the Internet is largely what the student has to deal with. Public libraries are busy, vibrant community centers that are open days, nights, weekends and even some holidays.

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