Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Role of the Project Manager Literature review

The Role of the Project Manager - Literature review Example Most often, the project manager is responsible for fulfilling these tasks, but sometimes higher level management or purchasing departments play significant roles in the process. (Mindtools, 2008, pg. 1). According to EPIQ (2008), the process of procurement management provides some very valuable benefits to organizations. One of the most prominent benefits is reduced costs on the part of the company. Another highly praised benefit is time savings. Yet another is the ability of efficient procurement management to reduce redundancies in job tasks and positions. If an organization chooses to adopt a procurement management system, certain job tasks become automated, producing quicker and smoother results. Centralization is also an important feature of procurement management, so this helps to eliminate redundancies throughout the organization as well. Eliminating redundant jobs often opens up equipment and space for the organization, thereby allowing it to be used for better and more efficient purposes or be disposed of for extra income. Â  Projects are infiltrated with multiple relationships occurring amongst the different parties involved in the scenario, and the project manager must continuously monitor those relationships. These relationships involve parties such as clients, employees, top management officials, or organization partners. Essentially, the project manager is at the very center of the project. (2007, pg. 1) The scenario states that I have performed various procurement tasks in the past, hence me being chosen as the project manager. First of all, I have a great deal of experience with the system that is being upgraded. Secondly, I have managed previous upgrade projects for the company. For this particular package, I have also performed roles as a business analyst, developer, and tester for individual and related projects in the past. If the PM has not completed those activities, who in the organization hasThis particular project is expected to affect the billing and customer service departments the most. The idea is to reduce the time it takes to collect accounts receivable, reduce costs, and improve overall customer satisfaction. The billing staff has no proficiency with web applications as they will be seeing with the upgrade, but the customer service staff does.

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