Sunday, October 6, 2019

Should the US have dropped the bomb on Hiroshima Essay

Should the US have dropped the bomb on Hiroshima - Essay Example After three days allied forces used another bomb which dropped on Nagasaki, which easily killed 37000 people and injured 43000 people who also consequently died in the following days1. The bombings were intense, and were soon followed by the surrender of Japan to USA on August 14, 1945. These bombings were the first in history and till date is the only time when nuclear power has been used in the whole world2. Japan and the Atomic bombings Japan was devastated after the bombarding of US on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the after effects of which were seen through a number of years. Apart from heavy destruction, the bombs resulted in a lot of human loss, people suffered from Gamma radiation which caused instant deaths in just 2 seconds of the explosion, others died from burns as a result of the fires which were caused by the explosion along with mechanical injuries which were caused by the falling of debris resulting from the collapse of buildings. Many who did not die instantly after the e xplosion, suffered injuries from radiation and consequently died in the following days. ... The United States president, Truman provided a justification to the US citizens that the bombing was to save the lives of US citizens and to impress the Soviet Union from playing a role in the war and further making the war last many more days and even years. It was also argued that Japanese had demonstrated a very brave fanatical resistance in surrendering and so without the bombings it would have been nearly impossible for them to surrender. On an event of being asked that there should have been first a demonstration of the nuclear bomb over an unpopulated area to warn Japan and to force it to surrender, Truman said that it would have been a very risky decision to waste one bomb when there were only two available. Another justification in the favor of the bombings provided by the United States was that the two targeted cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, would have been destructed in any case with the use of fire bombs which were already being used in the war. Therefore, they justify t hat the use of the nuclear bombs did not cause more destruction than that from the fire bombings on Japan. The use of nuclear power has always been criticized, therefore, US states that they used the bombs also in order to fear people from the use of it in the future. Nagasaki and Hiroshima already had to be destroyed during the prevailing war and so the use of bombings also saved the life of US citizens, did not harm Japan more than the already predicted outcome of war and also prevented the future use of nuclear power by the rest of the World. The bombs use also ended the war quickly, which in any other scenario was not possible. In the result of the bombarding, the Soviet Union got intimidated by the US and USSR dropped the idea of demanding a joint

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